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We are an independet studio.
Owner & Designer: Joseph Hirsch

Foreign and Commonwealth office Scholarships GB.

Book: "Our National Heroes"
1992 - Maariv Pubishing House

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Visualize your data:
News by Design is a news site built around infographics -
not an art gallery, not a newspaper, but a platform that shows
off the fact that infographics tell a newsworthy story in a
structured and visually dynamic way.

Our aim is to collect the infographics that cover the bases –
being both visually stunning and mentally stimulating - and
share them with those who are looking to absorb news and
information in a new and refreshing way.

Interactive maps - Infographics - Motion graphics - Video creation - Presentations
- Banners
Publish on every device.

Our Services:

- Maps
- Video creation
- Interactive HTML5
- Banners
- Presentations
- Graphic Design
- Photography
- Retouch
- Vector Graphics
- Technical Illustrations